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"In a country where bread is not manufactured for flavour, texture or goodness for that matter it is refreshing to once again experience artisan baking at its best... wonderful bread"

Andrew G.

"Fantastic tasty German bread - love it!!!"

Carola S.

"Yummo Sunflower bread delivered to my door this morning - thanks Vi"

Clare B.

 "This bread is to die for!"

Joan from Salute Delicatessen Cafe & Deli Taupo

" A slice of this bread is like a meal!"

Mikey H.

"The bread arrived still warm and I just couldn't resist trying at least some of it, even though I already had had breakfast. I had the walnut loaf and it was scrumptious. Will definitely order again."

Conny T.

"Viola, within two minutes of you delivering your warm walnut bread, a thick slice was slathered with butter and honey. Yum - what a great way to start the day. Thanks, Tricia"


"Thank you so much, the bread is delicious and mum-in-law (and the rest of us) are loving it!"


bread slices
Fresh bread with toppings
nothing left! :)
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