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brot art - the real bread business

It all started when I immigrated to beautiful New Zealand.

Coming from a country where bread is part of our culture and part of our everyday nutrition I started missing this nice heavy grainy wholesome German bread pretty soon after my arrival. After a few weeks in the country, I met this other German traveller who baked his own bread. I asked and he said it is pretty easy to do and offered to teach me how it's being done. And in fact, it was pretty easy to bake my own German-style bread, all you need is time and sticking to a couple of important things so the bread comes out right.

Ever since then I have baked my own bread and used different styles to create my own techniques of baking, have variated in the ingredients and will now never want to be without my fresh-baked bread again.

Living in Taupo where you will get a lot of German tourists travelling through - especially during the busy summer months - and where there are also quite a few Germans living, I thought that selling German bread must be a niche market in Taupo. Because surely they will miss their bread as much as I did! On top of that, I have found that also nationalities other than German seem to quite like this different grainy heavy bread as well! I have played around with this business idea for a while and now I am very glad I did it!

brot art is a small online start-up business, only baking when bread is ordered through brot art's website, phone, email or brot art's Facebook page.


The name brot art stems from brot (the German word for bread) and art. As each and every individual loaf is hand-crafted, therefore each loaf is a piece of art in itself. After the loaves get baked in the oven they then get delivered - still warm - directly to the customer's doorstep. Therefore people do not have to go out into town to buy their bread - they get it delivered directly to their homes fresh and warm straight out of the oven. This saves time and energy in this busy environment we are living in and brings back some memories when, for example, the milkman came around to drop off the ordered milk at the doorstep in the morning.

brot art is a registered business trading as brot art limited.

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