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When ordering please make sure that you order at least one day in advance before the actual baking day. In that way I can make sure I have got your order and you have a healthy warm and fresh loaf delivered.

Sunflower seed German bread

Sunflower seed bread

Approx 1 kg / $8.50

Pumpkin seed German bread

Pumpkin seed bread

Approx 1 kg / $9.00

Walnut bread

Approx 1 kg / $9.00

The Farmer's loaf

Approx 1 kg / $9.00

 Adapted from an Austrian recipe to suit brot art's standards, this is a pure sourdough loaf with no yeast. It contains wholemeal flour, flax seeds, kibbled wheat and spices like whole cumin and whole fennel seeds. This loaf is quite dense in its texture and amazing in its taste


Seedlings bread

Approx 0.75kg / $10.00

A beauty of a loaf containing NO flour and NO yeast.

Filled with sunflower seeds, flax seeds, oats, grounded walnuts, chia seeds, psyllium husks, honey and coconut oil.

This loaf is KETO friendly.

Also available as gluten-free option.

Fruit bread

Approx 1 kg / $10.00

A loaf full of dried fruits (raisins, apricots, cranberries, dates and prunes) and peanuts soaked in a little bit of dark rum, orange juice, raw sugar and cinnamon before being combined with a light yeast dough.

sweet onion bread_2.jpg

Caramelized Sweet Onion Loaf

Approx 1 kg / $10.00


add sunflower seeds for an extra $0.50

add pumpkin seeds or walnuts for an extra $1.00


The caramelized red onions in this fantastic savoury 100% hand-made, fermented sourdough loaf give this German bread creation a taste of sweetness with a hint of cumin to balance everything quite nicely and in a wonderful combination.


Muesli bread

Approx 1kg / $10.00

Love muesli? Love bread? This newest creation of brot art is an amazing wholesome breakfast option. With the base of a wholemeal yeast flour loaf with kibbled wheat, I have added my homemade muesli to it. Containing dried fruits (such as apricots, dates, cranberries, prunes and raisins), peanuts, coconut threads, chia seeds, wholegrain oats, sunflower and lin seeds and a dash of pumpkin seeds with a sprinkle of cinnamon too.

Sweet boxes website.jpg

Sweet Gift Boxes

Starting from $31.00

For the special occasion, birthdays, Thank-you's, Anniversaries, etc I can make up various sweet gift boxes starting from $31 a box. Sweet options are but not limited to: Biscottis, Bliss Balls, Fruit bread pieces, Espresso Ripple Chocolate.


Please give a week's notice and contact me to discuss homebaked sweet treat options that suit your occasion and taste.