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Frequently Asked Questions

and tips and tricks on how to keep you bread fresh for longer! 

1. How long does the bread keep fresh for?

    Stored in room temperature it will keep fresh and tastes good for 3, maximum 4 days.

2. Can you put it into the toaster?

     Yes, you sure can do! In Germany, we eat the bread fresh, but given New Zealand culture you can easily put slices of the bread into the toaster        so you have a nice crusty warm slice to eat.

3. Can you freeze the bread?

     Yes, this way you can keep it fresh for longer if you can't eat the entire loaf within 3 days

4. Is brot art doing gluten-free bread?


5. How do I pay?

    We take cash at the time of delivery.

6. Do you deliver outside of Taupo?

    Direct deliveries are only done within Taupo. If you live outside of Taupo or in another part of the country we do offer to courier it directly to you,   adding on the courier costs on top of the regular selling price.

Rye bread
Bacon & egg breakfast
basket full of fresh bread

tips and tricks 

What happens to the bread while you store it? Of course – it is eaten – hopefully when it's still warm and fresh. But not everyone finishes a whole loaf of bread in one go or in 1 - 2 days!


During the baking process, water is bound with the starch in the flour. During the storage process water then emerges from the inside of the bread towards the outside – the crust – and evaporates. The crust is becoming first soft and later on hard. Putting bread in the fridge is not a preferred method as bread tends to get dry quicker when put into the fridge.


So, ever wondered how to keep your German bread fresh longer?

Well, let me tell you there are a few tips I can give you so can enjoy it longer:


Freeze it.

Freeze half or 1/3 of your bread or separate slices and just unfreeze it whenever you need more.


Store it correctly.

Keep you bread in a bread box (you can get them made out of wood, stainless steel or plastic) or a re-seal-able plastic bag.


Research has shown that bread kept in a ventilated plastic container stays longer fresh than putting bread into a wooden or metal/stainless steel box or bread kept in a paper bag.


If using a bread box make sure to regularly clean it with vinegar.


Try not to put bread into the fridge but store it in room temperature.

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